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What are the 4 Cs to Use When You Purchase Loose Diamonds?

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You should think about several characteristics if you want to purchase loose diamonds.

These diamonds are prepared with several different standards in mind. These standards are known as the four Cs of loose diamonds. Every single standard should be reviewed when you are finding something useful.

The first of the factors to see when you purchase loose diamonds is the cut of the diamond. This refers to how the diamond is physically arranged with all of its angles in mind. The best cut is one that is able to refract light as well as possible. The cut will need to work with enough angles that are positioned to where they will have a good depth and diameter around the crown and the pavilion.

The cut is a separate factor from the shape of the diamond. The cut standards will need to be reviewed regardless of the kind of shape that is being used.

The next thing to see if you want to purchase loose diamonds is the color of the diamond. The color of a diamond will relate to the general tint of the diamond you are getting. The problem with many diamonds is that they can become discolored over time. A diamond should have a white and clear design to it if it is going to feature the best possible quality.

The best color that you can find is a D grade color. This is the ideal color for a diamond because it features a clear design. E and F grades are also good because they are technically colorless. The value of your diamond will go down when the letter moves down. This is because the lower letters will link towards diamonds that are yellow in color. Z is the lowest grade that you can find because it is a diamond that is very yellow.

The third C to find in a loose diamond is the carat size. The carat size refers to the general weight of your loose diamond. A larger diamond will have a higher carat size and will essentially be more expensive.

You will be more likely to find smaller carat sizes when you purchase loose diamonds. These include sizes that are 0.33 or greater. Some larger sizes that are as much as seven carats can be found in some places. Seven is the highest carat size that a typical loose diamond provider will sell.

The last of the four Cs to see is the clarity of your diamond. Clarity refers to the quality of the diamond with regards to any inclusions, scratches or other things that might influence the physical characteristics of a diamond. It is true that diamonds are some of the world’s toughest materials. However, they are not necessarily invulnerable.

There are some cases where a diamond might be damaged by a scratch or two. A good diamond will be one that will not have these scratches. In fact, the best diamonds are ones that do not feature any substantial flaws when viewed at 10x magnification.

The best and most valuable clarity standard is FL. This means that there are no flaws that are visible even when viewed at 10x magnification. The second best standard is IF. This is a standard where the diamond has no visible flaws from less than 10x magnification. VVS, VS, SI and I are the other standards. These are arranged from the fewer problems to the most. Remember, the value of the diamond will be greater if the clarity is better.

Be sure to consider these points if you are going to purchase loose diamonds. These four Cs will relate to the ways how a diamond looks, how it is cut and how well it has been maintained.

You should see all of these standards because they will directly influence the value of any loose diamond. A diamond can be more expensive if it has the best standards featured in it.

What are the 4 Cs to Use When You Purchase Loose Diamonds?